south city group



South City Supplies Ltd., Part.  have been imported international standard and high quality chemicals from various industries around the world.

  • Food

  • Feed

  • Laboratory

  • Personal Care

  • Pharmaceutical

South City Petrochem Co., Ltd. has established in 1995 to diversify South City Group's business into a chemical manufacturer. Today SCP is a leading plasticizer manufacturer in Thailand with current capacity at 57,000 MT per year producing various kinds of plasticizers. Apart from plasticizer business, SCP is a toll manufacturer to support PU systems house and silicone products among South City Group's affiliated companies as well as a chemical distributor to supply in various industrial applications.

  • Additive for Construction Chemicals

    ( Concrete Admixture/Drymix )

  • Electrical & Electronics Materials

  • Household, Car care, and I&I Cleaning

  • Paint & Coating Raw Materials

  • PVC application Raw Materials

  • Silicones

  • Solvents

  • Textile Leather and Laundry Raw Materials

South City Polychem Co., Ltd. is operating under the mission to supply high quality and modernized raw materials and materials as well as providing knowledges and technical support by high experienced and specialized team to serve construction industries, polyurethane industries, plastic industries and related industries.

  • Polyurethane

  • Construction

  • Plastic