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In the early 1976 Mr. C.H. Kieng (Kian Chaisuparakul) began having his foresight and vision to set up his own chemical trading company while working as a marketing executive for U.S. Summit Co., Ltd. for 12 years.

With and aim to develop

To fulfill his dream and ambition, Mr. Kieng finally set up his own company called South City Supplies Ltd., Part. (SCS) in the mid 1976. From this humble beginning, Mr. Kieng has tirelessly guided SCS to grow steadily and expand with the establishment of two additional affiliated trading and manufacturing companies called South City Petrochem Co., Ltd. and South City Polychem Co., Ltd.

south city group


South City Group of Companies is committed to developing and maintaining policy to be a leading company in the chemical industry sector.

“ Mutual Trust ”

To fulfill this company policy, the Company strives to offer quality products and services to clients with absolute honesty to achieve total customer satisfaction by maintaining management policy complying with accepted international quality standards at all operating levels.

south city group


As a leading chemical company, South City Group of Companies offers customers with a full range of services which consist of supplying quality products and offering technical assistance and support at a level meeting international standards.

south city group


In the early days, our trading activity engaged mainly in selling chemicals for pharmaceutical and food. Having realized great opportunities and potential in the other chemical areas, we gradually diversify our business into polyurethanes, coatings, textile, paper, cosmetic, personal care, construction, plasticizers, etc.

Having great success in the chemical trading, we realize that in order to establish a strong foothold and foundation for our business on a longer term, we must get into manufacturing. In 1995, a new company called South City Petrochem Co., Ltd. (SCP) was set up and a factory in Rayong was built under BOI promotional privileges to produce DOP (Di-Octyl Phthalate) and DINP (Di-lsononyl Phthalate) for use as plasticizers in the PVC industry. Besides producing DOP and DINP.

In 2010, our subsidiary company named South City Polychem Co., Ltd. (SCPC) was established to expand the operations of polyurethane systems house in addition to manufacturing of silicone emulsions, flower foam, re-filling of silicone sealant, acrylic sealant and modified silicone sealant under various brand names for the construction and polyurethane industry.

As a result of continuous and steady growth in SCP’s business over the years, the company embarked on a mission to expand the production capacity and add the product lines to serve our customers’ needs. By 2015, our new plasticizer production capacity was 57,000 metric tons per year with the addition of 21,000 MTY of some new products such as DPHP (Di-Propyl-Heptyl-Phthalate), DOA (Di-Octyl-Adipate), TOTM (Tri-Octyl-Tri-Mellitate) and Specialty Plasticizers. We also built new facility to formulate Modified Silicone Sealants and Acrylic Sealants.

Combining the manufacturing and trading activities, the business of the South City Group of Companies covers practically all industrial segments in the chemical and petrochemical fields. We have a customer base of well over 2,000 accounts and the list keeps growing as we seek constant growth to meet increasing customer needs and demands.
south city group


  • Kian Chaisuparakul


  • Nibhavan Chaisuparakul

    Board of Directors

  • Atichat Chaisuparakul

    South City Petrochem Co., Ltd.

  • Pasarin Chaisuparakul

    Coordinator to CEO

  • Duangporn Chientachakul

    Managing Director
    South City Supplies Ltd., Part.

  • Prin Puttisombut

    South City Polychem Co., Ltd.

  • Sermpis Jarusdhirakul

    Vice President - Finance & Admin
    South City Enterprise Co., Ltd.

  • Kriengkrai Luyaphan

    Plant Manager
    South City Petrochem Co., Ltd.

  • Warawudh Priknant

    Assistant to President
    South City Petrochem Co., Ltd.

  • Sarawut Supattarachaisil

    Department Head - Employee Relations

  • Raveewan Santirojprapai

    Executive Secretary